MythTV Windows Frontend with MythTV Player

I've gotten tired of rebooting my windows laptop into KnoppMyth every time I want to want to use it for MythTV. I've looked before for a MythTV client frontend for windows and never found anything that really seemed to be worth the time.

Today I tried MythTV Player. It's not really a MythTV frontend in the true sense. The name really describes it quite well, being that it plays MythTV content.

The major difference between MythTV Player and what I have seen before is that it's an all in one player. It has all of video codecs and other dependencies needed to connect to and play content recorded on a MythTV backend. To get it working, I had to:

  1. Start the player
  2. Stop the player (starting it created the config file)
  3. Edit the config.xml file changing the MythTV Backend IP address to point to my Myth Backend.
  4. Start the player
  5. Select "Recordings"
  6. Choose something to watch

The player is very limited by MythTV Frontend standards, but it does the job. It plays the recorded content, quite well in fact.

The window starts out at true (1:1) pixel resolution, which quite small because TV's have a much lower resolution than a computer screen. I was impressed that I could maximize the window smoothly. No glitches in the playback or anything. I instantly had a fullscreen window playing the content with great scaling. I was not happy with the title bar staying at the top of the screen, but otherwise full screen works well.

The player only really has:

  1. Play
  2. Pause
  3. Stop
  4. Skip Forward
  5. Skip Backwards

Only one thing I really care about is missing. MythTV Commercial Skip. That's a big deal for me. Everything else is a minor nuisance. MythTV has trained me to have no tolerance for watching commercials. As I write this, I've watched an hour of one two hour show so far, and it's driving me crazy. It's got a scroll "bar" type thing I can drag back and forth to get through them, or using the Skip Forward function (which never gets the end of the break right.) Either way is bad.

I guess there is one other feature I'd like to have; position saving. It's not as big of a deal though.

Overall, I'll continue to use it when I want to do something else in Windows while watching MythTV, but it's certainly no replacement for rebooting into KnoppMyth (frontend) for dedicated MythTV watching.

MythTV Player is a good quality program, although limited in functionality, fills a niche. If you want to watch MythTV from a Windows computer, it works well. However, don't think you're getting a full MythTV frontend. With the addition of Commercial Skip functionality, I'd give it a much stronger recommendation.

Another good way to watch MythTV content on Windows is to use MythStream TV. Read our overview of MythStreamTV.